Lesson 28- Pattern work

Today, Dave and I stayed in the pattern for landings. I couldn’t solo today because of the wind, but got some good lessons for when I do. The wind kept pushing me past a rectangular course from upwind to crosswind, so next time I have to remember that. I also have to remember to call the tower on midfield, and bring the power back to 1500 when crossing the numbers. My landings were continuously high, but it felt more comfortable like that versus the one landing that I was low on. I find that I always go high because I feel like the average glide slope is a little low, so I have to train my brain not to think that. Also, one last point I must make sure for my solo is that when the plane balloons omniscience’s landing, I MUST push the nose down IMMEDIATELY and push in a little power. Other than that, the flight wasn’t too bad today and I can’t wait until my solo!