Another Late Post

Meant for 6/28/2014

Time to talk about the third lesson! Of course, Bob and I continued practicing on Slow Flight, and Power-Off Stalls. You know what they say, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! This time around, I got to try steep turns. Man, were they fun! Bob said I did really well for the first time. I cranked the airplane into 60 degrees off bank! At that point, the body feels about 2 g’s. (Two times the force of gravity, for those of you who don’t like science!) Bob held the yoke (Steering wheel thingy), and asked me to lift up my arm. Sure enough, it was twice as hard for me to pick up my arm! I can’t imagine how fighter pilots can deal with 8 g’s!!! Bob says we will start doing accelerated stalls soon! Fun!!! But, I cant wait to start working on the traffic pattern and landings! That won’t be for a little while though. Cant wait for the next lesson on Sunday (6th).

By the way, HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY !!!

Logbook Entry N811JD (C172)

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