Headset Issues!

Before my second lesson, I bought a David Clark H10-13.4 headset from the flight school. I was thrilled to finally have a headset that I could call my own! After completing preflight with Bob, I couldn’t wait to start the engine, turn on the avionics, and try my new headset! Unfortunately, there was one issue, a BIG issue! My instructor could hear me through the microphone, but I couldn’t hear anything on the headphones. After testing 4 headset jacks, and 3 volume/squelch knobs, nothing seemed to work! Ugh! Talk about upsetting. Bob said that on this flight, we would be going old style! No headset! This forced Bob to make all the radio calls with his headset. That’s normally my thing! I love using the radio! It was annoying listening to the loud engine noise, but you gotta do what you gotta do! Everything else still went as planned. I was surprised this happened. Rarely does a headset from a well-known, good quality, made in U.S.A, company like David Clark Inc. come broken out of the box! David Clark makes pressurized astronaut suits for crying out loud! They are a great company with a great reputation. Everyone in the school said this has never happened to any of their David Clarks! So I was glad to know it was a rare event, that shouldn’t ever happen again! Luckily, Jodi (The sweetheart who works in the office), was there to save the day. She returned the old headset, and just got a brand new replacement headset in the mail last night! I can’t wait to unbox it on Sunday! I will be sure to test it on the simulator’s intercom before going flying! Of course, Fischer Aviation was a pleasure to deal with, and quickly resolved the issue! Thanks guys!