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Online Log Book

Hello everyone! I just finished updating my online logbook with I just want to stress to other pilot’s out their, BACKUP YOUR LOGBOOKS!!!! You back up computers on external hard drives, do the same with your log book! If you accidentally loose your logbook, it would be really nice to have an online copy that you can use to fill out a new one. It would be a pain in the butt to retrace your flights! So everyone out their, have a backup, and a backup for the backup!!!!

Headset Issues!

Before my second lesson, I bought a David Clark H10-13.4 headset from the flight school. I was thrilled to finally have a headset that I could call my own! After completing preflight with Bob, I couldn’t wait to start the engine, turn on the avionics, and try my new headset! Unfortunately, there was one issue, a BIG issue! My instructor could hear me through the microphone, but I couldn’t hear anything on the headphones. After testing 4 headset jacks, and 3 volume/squelch knobs, nothing seemed to work! Ugh! Talk about upsetting. Bob said that on this flight, we would be going old style! No headset! This forced Bob to make all the radio calls with his headset. That’s normally my thing! I love using the radio! It was annoying listening to the loud engine noise, but you gotta do what you gotta do! Everything else still went as planned. I was surprised this happened. Rarely does a headset from a well-known, good quality, made in U.S.A, company like David Clark Inc. come broken out of the box! David Clark makes pressurized astronaut suits for crying out loud! They are a great company with a great reputation. Everyone in the school said this has never happened to any of their David Clarks! So I was glad to know it was a rare event, that shouldn’t ever happen again! Luckily, Jodi (The sweetheart who works in the office), was there to save the day. She returned the old headset, and just got a brand new replacement headset in the mail last night! I can’t wait to unbox it on Sunday! I will be sure to test it on the simulator’s intercom before going flying! Of course, Fischer Aviation was a pleasure to deal with, and quickly resolved the issue! Thanks guys!

Another Late Post

Meant for 6/28/2014

Time to talk about the third lesson! Of course, Bob and I continued practicing on Slow Flight, and Power-Off Stalls. You know what they say, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! This time around, I got to try steep turns. Man, were they fun! Bob said I did really well for the first time. I cranked the airplane into 60 degrees off bank! At that point, the body feels about 2 g’s. (Two times the force of gravity, for those of you who don’t like science!) Bob held the yoke (Steering wheel thingy), and asked me to lift up my arm. Sure enough, it was twice as hard for me to pick up my arm! I can’t imagine how fighter pilots can deal with 8 g’s!!! Bob says we will start doing accelerated stalls soon! Fun!!! But, I cant wait to start working on the traffic pattern and landings! That won’t be for a little while though. Cant wait for the next lesson on Sunday (6th).

By the way, HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY !!!

Late Post for 2nd Flight Lesson!

Sorry that I am late posting. I have been so into studying for flying that I couldn’t do it earlier. This post was meant for 6/21/2014. The second lesson was just as fun as the first! Bob and I continued working on Power-off stalls as well as slow-flight. I was given an introduction into Power-On stalls. They were definitely more aggressive than the power-off stalls. However, still not as bad as I assumed. Cessna’s will forgive any maneuver, and continue flying. They are amazingly stable and fun airplanes to fly! Stay tuned for more posts!

First Flight Lesson With Fischer Aviation!

My first flight, with Fischer, was unlike any other flight I’ve ever taken. I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to take-off, and land on my own (Of course with the assistance of my instructor). Speaking of which, I really enjoyed my instructor, Bob Smetana, and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to start flying with Fischer. To include, I was also allowed to experience, for the first time ever, a power-off stall. I have always had a fear of roller-coasters, and I assumed I would not like doing a stall. Luckily for me, I really enjoyed it. Bob did an excellent job demonstrating the stall, as well as the correct recovery. We also had some time to get some slow-flight in, too! All in all, this was not just any normal flight lesson. Off the bat, I was able to get a gist of what it will be like, learning how to fly with Fischer Aviation. Fischer is full of experienced and knowledgeable instructors, and they have a wonderful fleet of airplanes too! I love the re-done interior on 811JD. (BTW, shout out to Jodi, in the office. She is a sweet-heart, and a pleasure to deal with.)  I strongly recommend their flight school to anyone interested in learning how to fly.  I really look forward to flying with them in the future, and I can’t wait to get my PPL (Private Pilot’s License) with them!

A big thank you to Tom & Jodi Fischer as well as Bob Smetana for their assistance and expertise!

-Ray Tetyevsky 6/7/2014