Emergency Procedures and Crosswind Landings

After a weeklong hiatus I was back in action review engine-out procedures and crosswind landings. First I did a small tour flight over Green Pond to flyover a few buddies that were doing a triathlon – but I must’ve missed them.

Emergency procedures were OK. I had mastered them chair flying and could talk through them no problem, but I did make one mistake on the 2nd step – without picking a place to land – I went through the flow check. Not a biggie.

Then we proceeded to head back to KCDW. My pilotage skills in the area are good – Tom asked me what heading I had to hit in order to get back. I was able to call a heading of 086 using a neighboring VOR and then found myself heading back. I called tower about 2 miles north of Boonton for the inbound touch n’ go – I was at 2500 ft so I immediately began a sharp descent to about 1500 crossing Boonton.

On these landings I deliberately kept power in and only reduced flaps 20 due to the crosswind component. The landings were not my best and this is an area that continues to be my Achilles heel. I am able to aileron into the wind and use opposite rudder to keep the plane straight but on 2 occasions today I undid the crosswind corrections when all wheels were on the ground. I need to stop doing that.

Good day today. Scored OK overall but we will try hit these crosswind situations again tomorrow. I really really need to knock these out.

- Sanjay