Crosswind Landing Magic

After a 3 week hiatus due to a planned summer vacation I was nervous to come back and see where I would be with training.  I had spent the time off reading, utilizing many of the resources on the web to understand different techniques to master landings which, for me, have been the most challenging part of training.

Getting up today we had great crosswind challenges from the get-go – so Tom and I spent the entire lesson in the KCDW pattern trying to finesse landings in preparation for a stage check in the coming weeks.

We had 8 (I think) take-offs and 8 gusty cross-wind landings – all in all I think I did pretty well and I will credit not only Tom’s great training style but a set of techniques I found to work as an aggregation of all the training I have had over the last few months.

I’ll give you my landing steps/techniques, here, for free.  They may not work for you but they worked today for me, every single time.

1 – Work to get the plane 15 – 20ft above the runway at ideal airspeed 65-75KTS depending on wind.  Focus on getting here.

2 – Once you’re on top of the runway shift your vision to the end of the runway and start to imagine flying level in slow flight.  DON’T be in a rush to get the plane on the ground.  This is something I forced myself to try today and it worked like a charm.

3 – Once you’re in this slow flight configuration, see what the wind and other factors are telling you and make minor corrections accordingly.

Before you know it the plane will settle in – and remember – don’t force the yoke forward.

Today was great.  It was one of those days that got me great feedback from Tom and a day that seemed like it all sort of “came together”.   Next up is a ride with Tom to tighten up some flight maneuvers and then my stage check for solo.  I can’t wait…..