Navigation Part 2

To make up for yesterday’s pilotage fiasco – Tom gave me this URL to help with some VOR simulation which I took home to practice with:

I spent some time with it alongside other tools available on the web to study navigation.

We took off KCDW to the Northwest.  We got out to the practice area and did some further work on VOR navigation.  I focused on consistently cross-checking charts with what I was seeing outside and, according to Tom, did a fine enough job making up for the day before.

However on our return back to KCDW things got a little rough.  I was too late in workload management and called into the tower too late – at too high of an altitude – while over Lincoln Park.  As a result I had to coordinate too many things in order to successfully get into the pattern for a full stop.

I’ll have to do some review of the entry/exit procedures for KCDW.

- Sanjay