Caldwell Reporting Areas

Today we worked on familiarizing and managing workload when coming back into Caldwell.  I’m decent at getting out to the practice and OK coming back but the sequence of events that need to happen in order to setup nicely for whatever approach you’re given is hard.

We started with a NW departure off of 28 and then headed up North.  We triangulated Sparta and Teterboro VORs to get us up to Greenwood Lake, circled the airport, and then began the trip towards Lincoln Park Airport – there we identified the airport, the Lincoln Park Water tank, Booton Reservoir, Square Lake and the different approaches base, direct, and downwind approaches.  Having a GoPro in the plane for this training has been very helpful.

We ended taking a right downwind for 28 which was actually a first for me and then back in.  Rough flight – finding these marks are not easy.  But I have found this to be VERY helpful in learning  reporting points (thanks to the author):

Tomorrow – Stage Check with Dave.  Time to get some zzz’s.

- Sanjay