Landings & Confidence

Hello -

I completed my Stage I Check 2 weeks ago with Dave at my last lesson and it certainly felt really liberating.  As yesterday’s lesson approached, however, I started to feel nervousness about the potential to do solo work in the pattern – real nervousness.

With the conditions I experience on the Stage Check Dave ultimately had to step in for the touchdown and it served to be a bit of a confidence crusher.  So I felt the need to do more Crosswind training.

We stayed in the pattern RP off of 22 and did about 8 or so touch n’ gos.  Conditions were choppy yesterday as well and Tom and I chatted about confidence, life,  etc.  It turns out that I did the landings all on my own because Tom had had his seat all the way back – I didn’t know this until the very end.  It was as exciting as a day can get doing pattern work but felt very productive and exciting knowing that I was able to land in gusty conditions.

Things I’m reminded of:

4 finger site picture for a descent of about 500 feet

Airspeed is king

Pitch for speed and power for altitude

Aim for straight and level flight on the runway

You can’t land on a runway you can’t see

Sometimes you just have to reminder yourself no matter how often you do this.  I filmed 3 minutes f yesterday’s lesson which I will attempt to post soon…..

Thanks -