First Flight in 90559 & Cross Country Start

Hello -

Today marked the first day of cross country training focused on lost procedures & diversions.   Also it was my first time flying the G1000 90559 after having spent all my time in 811JD.  It definitely takes some getting used to but is a very enjoyable experience.

We departed 28 towards the practice area.  I went over some pilotage on our way out and then Tom instructed me to get to Sussex.  Using ground references I was able to get us to the airport visually.  Tom handled all radio communications getting into the uncontrolled airport.    We did a touch and go on 21 and about 5 minutes after departure Tom asked to identify our location and get us to Warwick.  At that point, I put the plane into a circle and began triangulating from the Sparta and Hugenot VORs.  Getting used to using the instruments in the G1000 for this purpose was indeed tricky.   After first getting onto the Sparta radial of 55 degree I leveled wings and realized quickly that I made a mistake – I had started leveling before actually completing the triangulation.

Once that was done we headed over the Warwick where we performed a flyover but did not land.  As Tom said “imagine there are ducks on the runway.  What next?”  I suggested a diversion to Greenwood Lake and he said “Get us there.”  Rather than using instruments I was able to just follow the lake all the way down to the airport where we performed a touch n’ go before heading back to KCDW.

Here were my takeways from the lesson:

1 – Managing workload while trying to locate yourself, plot the course to the next airport, keep eyes on the horizon, calculate time en route, etc is really really hard and requires a lot of practice and fluency.

2 – My 3 landings were great and I’m much more comfortable.   When Tom says “beautiful” that probably means “beautiful”.  The key for me has been twofold – focusing on the getting the plane on the runway and then maintaining straight and level flight while keeping eyes at the end of the runway.

3 – The G1000 is complicated.  I’m still debating if I want to transition training totally to it as it’s more reflective of my post-training flight environment but that’s a TBD.

- Sanjay