First Solo 1.17.16

I solo’d today – a memory that will be etched in me forever.

I had not flown for about 1.5 months.  Holiday travel in December followed by a slew of bad weather had me grounded for a while.  I managed to take advantage of the time to continue down the Sporty’s syllabus for cross-country training.  In addition to that I continued to chair-fly during my spare time (and when the Mrs. wasn’t home).

On 1/15 I came to Fischer for a lesson but due to weather I did some ground instruction with Tom, reviewing my pre-solo written test.  I did pretty well but had some minor tweaks namely due to specific aircraft nuances and updates rules and regulations.   I ended the day hoping the next would lend itself to flying.

On 1/16 I arrive at 10am for a morning session.  Though tired from the week prior I was excited to get back in the sky.  Tom and I had decided the earlier in the week that we would try and conduct the first solo this weekend but upon arriving at Fischer that morning Tom said “likely not”.  Little did I know….

We went up in 811JD off of RWY 4.  Mild crosswind but nothing I didn’t feel comfortable in.  Tom and I did a few circuits together and I managed to do 3 touch and gos to a full stop without his inputs whatsoever.

On the full-stop on 04 we exited the Bravo and Tom asked me to drop him off at the ramp.  We did it – he ran a few rules and regulations by me and off I was.  I taxi’ed back to 04 and announced my intent along with the note that I was a ‘student pilot on first solo’ into closed traffic.

I completed 3 fullstop takeoffs/landings but had really interesting experiences with ATC.  I got yelled at once for requesting takeoff clearance twice (oops) and had 2 occasions where I was instructed to the wrong runway.  Regardless it was a fantastic experience after which I received congratulatory messages from the awesome team at Fischer.  ”Welcome to the club” was what I got.