Transitioning to KCDW Flight Environment

I’m still trying to complete my 3rd solo flight to the practice area and back.  On this training I was successfully able to navigate my way to the onion fields and back – back being right down to the bottom of the Wanaque Reservoir.

At this point I had already checked ATIS and called a 10M north of the field to KCDW Tower.  I was instructed for a 10m straight in.  I was able to go straight past the north of Lincoln Park airport but Tom instructed me to continue past the large Point View Reservoir and then start a southbound track.

All was good at this point with the exception of a few botched radio calls due to the heavy traffic at KCDW.  I’m going to take this lesson continue to plot out paths to/from and the transition to the KCDW environment.  Hope the next one knocks this out.