Solo to the Practice Area Training

Today -

Tom and I went up in 811JD.  Goal today was to finalize knowledge on the different approaches into Caldwell which for some reason I have not been able to gain an understanding to.  Departing 28 I was able to find my way to the onion fields and back.  Checking ATIS over Greenwood Lake I prepared a 10M north call at the base of Wanaque and was instructed for a straight in 22.  Using the Point View reservoir and Lincoln Airport as checkpoints I was able to execute this successfully along with the 5M final report.

At this point asked if I wanted to head to the practice area alone.  I declined the offer though it was great to see Tom was ready to see me do it.  I had still wanted to do one more practice, and mainly, with heavy wind conditions I would rather wait.

We did a touch and go and went to Greenwood Lake where we would go to execute a touch n’ go and try a different approach into KCDW.  My entry into Greewood was a bit of a mess.  I’m not that experienced getting in and out of uncontrolled airports.  Combine the use of RWY 24 (vs. 06) and some choppiness and some extra traffic and I needed Tom’s help with the radio while I attempted to get the plane on the ground.  Touch n’ go was successful and we started our return back to Caldwell.

Over Wanaque received a new ATIS called a 10M NW and was told to do a straight in to 22.  Tom requested ATC a different approach for training at which point they instructed a right base for 22 reporting LP water tank.  Over the tank – we started our descent but were then instructed to just come straight in for 22 due to traffic.

Good day of training.  Next time we’ll do this solo to the practice area.  Exciting.