4.10.16 – KCDW to KABE

Today was my first flight out of the NJ area to do a cross country to KABE.  I didn’t prep enough – or should I say I focused on the wrong things.  I woke up in the AM and spent 90 mins filling out a NavLog to great accuracy.  I started with the identification of Lake Parsippany as my course interception point and then began to plot a 284 heading to KABE.

Getting to the airport I had a few things.  1 – I was a few mins late to my lesson due to traffic  2 – I was assigned to 38F which I had not flown before.  We departed 28 and as soon as the frequency change came through I got too bogged down in trying to calibrate my heading from the NavLog to where I was going.  As a result I wasn’t focused on the outside and proceeded to get a wee bit lost.  I also was overwhelmed by the radio work.

We managed to get into KABE.  I called Approach 20 miles to the west and started to follow directions in.   We did a fullstop landing and they directed us back to to 24 for the departure.  During this time I had to switch navlogs and get ready for the flight back.  The return back was a bit of a mess as I was not prepared for a set course given by KABE tower which through my bearings off.  I also did not plot properly for the way back.

All in all a frustrating flight/day.  I am going to go home, review, and hopefully try this again to better success.  Ugh.

- Sanjay