4.17.15 – KCDW to KABE (2nd Flight)

This day we attempted a second flight to KABE in 5253R.  This is one of the required cross-countries that I would eventually do solo so it’s important to get this one good.  On departure from 28 at KCDW I started towards my course interception point at the bottom of Lake Parisppany.  Once there, Tom asked what I was looking for in the distance and I mentioned the hospital.  He was referring to something as far out as possible so I decided to use the smoke stacks that are north of KABE.

We continued to the airport.  I was able to handle the Class C entry radio communications and we were cleared for right downwind to RWY06.  Once down I fumbled a little bit with radio frequencies – I wasn’t sure when to switch (if at all) to Clearance Delivery and other frequencies as I had charted.  However, I learned that some towers have CLD/Ground on the same frequency.  Confusing.  =)

On the way back I was able to find my course interception point (reservoir) but had a hard time locating a distant marker back to Caldwell.  I could have used Budd Lake as a distance marker but I did not an I ended up farther east on my return.

It was an average lesson.  For some reason my pilotage skills are not picking up.  Next week we will try a new airport.