4.24.16 KCDW -> KPNE

We did cross countries today with a flight out to KPNE.  Or at least we tried.   I managed to get to the course interception point and turned to my heading.  I was able to track a few checkpoints but then picked a wrong landmark and went way off track.  I was on the radio with KPNE and they were fairly annoyed that my radio calls were annoyed.

At this point we were off course and Tom had to get back.  I turned to the course heading back and surprisingly found my way back to Caldwell.  Things in that airspace were absolutely crazy today with random aircraft all over.  They had us in for a left downwind for 28 where we came in.

On about a 1 mile final they cleared a Citation in on 22 for final so Tom grabbed the controls and sipped us right back down the runway.  These types of incidents seem to be frequent and they’re a bit of a buzzkill.

We’ll try this flight again.  I’m struggling with pilotage and will try to do more research on this topic.