Cross Country to KMSV

I’m still continuing cross-country training and have been having a hard time with pilotage.  Today I decided to use VOR navigation as a guide.  We hopped into 90559 and I dialed up the HUO VOR 347 TO.  We departed Caldwell and remained under 2500 until we passed the base of Wanaque and we started climbing.

Upon crossing the VOR we headed 345 FROM and continued on to Sullivan County.  It was a nice day so the field was very visible and it was easy for me to pick my checkpoints (i.e. St Joseph Lake).  The field was very crowded so we made a quick touch n’ go before heading back to KCDW.

Our return trip was uneventful and I used the reverse route on HUO to find my way back.  At the base of Wanaque I gave my 10 mile call.  I was asked to announce 5 miles north of the field.  I went over LP Watertank called in and they set me in for a left downwind to RWY 04.

Good flight, good grades.  Tomorrow we got to KABE but this time I will plan on using BWZ VOR….