6/25 – Emergency Procedures, Stalls, and Spins

As I progress through my training I’m realizing that I’m not as fluent as I would like to be in dealing with in-flight emergencies and I’m also a bit fearful of spin/stall type situations.  So Tom and I had a session just dedicated to developing this.

We departed 28 to the North and headed towards Warwick.  Once there we climbed to 4500 feet and started with some engine-outs.  I was able to trim to Vg and make shallow banked turns to get the feel of it.  This was a valuable exercise to do at altitude as I feel more comfortable performing this on the ground.

We then worked on power off steep turns to see that the plan could bank 45 degrees and not stall at 65-75KTS.  Again this was valuable to see as well.

Finally Tom asked if was interested in getting into a spin.  I said “yes” and he took me through a right and left spin.  That, in my mind, was one of the most valuable training sessions I’ve had.  To learn that the plane in many cases will fly itself out of a spin is a tremendous learning exercise.  It was also good to feel how much the plane can actually handle.

We headed back to Caldwell after simply doing all of these exercises.  I let Tom know how happy I was with today’s session.  Next time our goal will be to actually execute these power-off landings coming out of emergency situations to feel how the aircraft works.