Flight Lessons 1-9: Let’s Play Catch Up!

I started my first flight lesson with Fischer Aviation on April 9, 2014.  From then until present, I have completed a total of 9 flight lessons with Thomas “Tom” Fischer on the Cessna 172M (exclusively with N5253R except for one occasion when I used N811JD).  I’m a little short on time and my memories of the nuances of each lesson is fuzzy.  Therefore, in this post, I’ll write briefly about the lessons I have taken up until now and the skills I learned.  It’s my intention to write in detail about all future flight lessons.

Flight Lesson 1:  Turns, Climbs, Descents, Trimming, Cross-Wind Takeoffs/Landings, Preflighting

Flight Lesson 2:  Turns, Climbs, Descents, Landing With/Without Flaps, Pilotage, Takeoffs

Flight Lesson 3:  Power On/Off Stalls, Cross-Wind Takeoffs/Landings

Flight Lesson 4:  Turning Climbs/Descents, Takeoffs, Landings

Flight Lesson 5:  Steep Turns, Pilotage, Takeoffs, Landings

Flight Lesson 6:  S-Turns, Turns Around a Point, Pilotage

Flight Lesson 7:  Slow Flight, Power Off Stalls, Pilotage, Insipid Spin Demonstration, Takeoffs, Landings, Go-Arounds

Flight Lesson 8:  Takeoffs, Landings, Power Off Stalls, Pilotage

Flight Lesson 9:  Cross-Wind Takeoffs/Landings, Rectangular Course, Flight Pattern