Flight Lesson 28: Once more unto the pattern, dear friends, once more

Today’s lesson was spent flying in the pattern at CDW.  The objective was to demonstrate consistency in the takeoffs, rectangular course, and landings so that I can get closer to soloing.  The pattern being flow was right traffic for runway 22.

The conditions were a little tricky.  There was a bit of what seemed like wind shear in the departure and final legs along with a bit of a crosswind.  In addition, when crossing over the trees near the threshold to runway 22, there is a tricky change in wind that has to be contended with.  Tom admitted that it wasn’t the easiest of days to fly the pattern.  I limited flaps to 20 degrees.

There is not much to say other than I still lack consistency.  Often times I would be too high or too low on base/final but then grease the landing.  Other times my glide slope would be great but I would slam the plane on the ground during flare or impose a side load on the main landing gear.  One of the positives is that my rectangular course was much cleaner than last lesson.  Also, when Tom asked me to do a go around on a botched approach, I did it calmly in a methodical manner which also didn’t happen last lesson.

I’m going to try to immerse myself in YouTube videos that demonstrate Cessna 172 landings and hope something starts to “click”.  Hopefully, the weather conditions will be easier for my next lesson so I can demonstrate some consistency.