Flight Lesson 37: Soloed!



All the stars have aligned and I finally soloed.  The first part of the lesson Tom and I practiced one touch and go, one go around, and a full stop landing.  At the end of the full stop, Tom asked me if I felt ready.  I said yes and I let Tom off at the Tango ramp.  He instructed me to fly the pattern and make as many as 3 full stop landings.  At the end of each landing, while taxiing back to the active runway, Tom would signal whether to proceed or to come in back to the ramp in case I was doing something unsafe.  I didn’t get stopped by Tom and was able to do all 3 full stop landings.

My solo impressions:

1.  The aircraft takes off easier and is harder to put down without the weight of an extra person.

2.  I wasn’t nervous at all.  It is a testament to how well Tom prepared me.  The first time around the pattern did have a surreal feeling to it.  I was flying a plane by myself!

3.  My first landing was good, my second was okay (landing slightly short of the numbers), and the third was my best (greased it).

It is a big milestone and I’m looking forward to beginning the next phase of my flight training.

Logbook Entry N5253R (C172)

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