Flight Lesson 38: Freezing Cold!

It’s been a month and a half since my last flight (which was my first solo).  Therefore, today’s lesson was a review/refresher flight in which Tom and I flew to the northern training grounds and went over slow flight, power on/off stalls, and steep turns.  We then returned back to Caldwell.  All things considered, I think I did pretty well on the maneuvers, although my first shot at slow flight was sloppy.

It was a very cold day with temperature in the 20′s.  Today was also the first time that Tom and I together used the propane powered preheater to warm up a cold engine in below freezing conditions.  This is done to prevent damage to the engine due to excessive wear inherent in cold startup conditions.

During run up, we also ran the engine at a higher than normal RPM for a minute or so in order to get the engine up to operating temperature faster than normal.  When I taxied onto the active runway for departure, we executed a short field takeoff (without added flaps) to verify proper engine operation before takeoff.

Logbook Entry N5253R (C172)

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