Cleared for Touch and Go

…actually, more like bounce repeatedly and go. We did landings today! Well, technically we land every time, but this time I was the one landing. We did 7 of them in all and 2 of them were practicing go-arounds.

We took off, pitched for 75kts. We started a right turn at 300ft below pattern altitude, climbed to the pattern altitude of 1200ft, reduced power to level off, and turned right for the downwind. When we were abeam the runway numbers we reduced power to 1500rpm, added 10 degrees of flaps and began our descent. At 200ft below the pattern we started a right turn onto base and added more flaps keeping our speed to 70kts. Another right turn to final and flaps all the way to 30 degrees. Keeping the numbers fixed on the windscreen, we headed straight for the runway. Walked the throttle out when the runway was made and flared for landing. Oomph.

That’s the theory at least. And the complications: The first couple times I was being blown by a crosswind, so I had to turn back to get aligned on final. We changed runways and that fixed that although I was crabbed during some of the landings. That means the nose wasn’t pointed down the runway. I bounced, I flared too high, I landed on one wheel… but, hey, I got down and it’s a start.

Other things I have to remember:

  1. Chill out on the grip and trim the controls on final
  2. Flare more smoothly. I was pulling back too fast too early. I ended up too high, making for some hard drops.
  3. Reduce power first, then put down the flaps. Otherwise, it tries to pitch up too much.
  4. Hand on the throttle on final. I will need it.

And that pretty much wraps up our landings.

Plane: N272LP (C172)
From: CDW
Duration: 1.1