Pre-Solo Checkride

I passed… woo!

I went out today with a different instructor, Kyle, to do a checkride. Basically, he tested me on the various maneuvers to see if I’m competent enough to fly on my own.

We went out to the North and did some slow flight, steep turns, power on and off stalls, and emergency procedures. We came back for 3 landings.

A couple of items to work on from this:

Steep Turns – I didn’t use enough power in the turn and as a result my altitude dropped more than 100 ft and my airspeed was low. I need to use more power.

Emergency Procedures – I picked a not-so-good field to land and delayed in making the decision. I also delayed on communicating the distress and forgot to squawk 7700. I need to run through these in my head many times so it’s second nature.

Landings – They weren’t horrendous, but I should start the transition earlier and be smoother in pulling back in the flare. That’ll make them a little smoother.

Thanks to Kyle for coming along for the ride.

Plane: N272LP (C172)
From: CDW
Duration: 1.3