VOR Orientation

I haven’t had enough luck with the weather to get my second solo done yet. But, we have started radio navigation using VORs.

We tracked a radial to the Sparta VOR. Tune it in, identify the station (with morse code! – who uses that anymore), turn the OBS dial until it centers with a “From” indication, and fly the opposite heading to the station.

We were also able to tune in Huguenot VOR (who made that name up) and get a triangulated position. Once we knew where we were, we drew a line to Warwick airport, flew that heading and estimated getting there in 11.5 minutes.

We also used both VORs to create our own intersection at Warwick. We found the radials from each of them that intersect at Warwick and set the OBS dials. When they started coming in line, we knew we were close. And voila, there was Warwick. Who needs GPS? Psh. (I played with the GPS on the ride back – it’s cool.. I guess).

Plane: N677DM (C172)
From: CDW
Duration: 1.6