Cross Country to Sullivan County

I flew to Sullivan County Airport (MSV) on my first cross country training trip. We spent a good amount of time planning the trip before we left – figuring out landmarks to use, how long it’ll take, and how much fuel we would use. We filled out a flight plan and I called 1-800-WX-BRIEF to file it. That way “they” know to come look for us in case something happens.

We dialed in the frequencies we would need into both radios – Tower, Millville FSS, New York Approach, and Sullivan County. We opened the flight plan with Millville once we leveled off at 4000 feet. We then contacted NY Approach requesting flight following – they tell us what other aircraft are nearby.

We landed at Sullivan just fine and I called to close our flight plan. I could have opened the other one at the same time, but Tom wanted me to use New York FSS. The interesting part about that is they receive communications on one frequency, but transmit on another. So, we transmitted on a COM frequency, but then had to listen to them on the VOR Navigation frequency.

On the way back, we got so engrossed in the descent to stay out of the Class B and looking out for the traffic NY was reporting that we forgot to check the time over our last checkpoint. No matter, Caldwell was in sight and this was familiar territory.

It was a good trip all in all. One really nice thing about flying is that it brings everything much closer (not really, it doesn’t bend space, but it does make it faster to get there). During my planning for this trip, I realized that Bel-air would be just miles from our course. Bel-air is a place in the Catskills that I spent most of my childhood summers. It always seemed so far and the drive so long, but now…

Plane: N677DM (C172)
From: CDW – MSV -
Duration: 1.6