Allentown in Actual IMC

What a trip! The weather looked a bit dodgy, but I decided to head to the airport anyway figuring it might change. It did, but got worse, then back. We were supposed to do a cross country to Allentown (ABE), but there were these big clouds in the way. We decided to plan the trip anyway and file an IFR flight plan.

Flying in actual IMC (instrument meteorological conditions) isn’t required for Private Pilot training. Actually, it’s not even required for IFR training interestingly enough. The most that’s required is simulated instrument training under the hood, but hey, this was awesome.

What you don’t get during normal VFR flights is the feeling of punching into a cloud, getting jostled around for a bit and breaking out the other side to see absolutely spectacular views. I wish I had a camera. There were towers of cumulus clouds everywhere and pockets of clear air where you can see both the ground and the blue sky.

Tom worked the radios and the navigation… I flew. I got to do a localizer approach to Runway 6 at Allentown. We were out of the clouds for the landing, but if we weren’t, we could fly down to about 200 ft off the ground to try to spot the runway. That was pretty low.

Plane: N272LP (C172)
From: CDW – ABE -
Duration: 1.8