Cross Country to Allentown

Whenever I fly to Allentown, I get Billy Joel stuck in my head. Anyway…

The flight required quite a bit of communication. After we left Caldwell, we had to call Morristown to transition through their Class D airspace.

We set our calculated heading for Allentown. After a little while, we crossed our checkpoint – a radial from the Solberg VOR. And then a little while later we didn’t know where we were – at least I didn’t. So, we slowed down and started a turn while we figured it out. Using two VOR radials, we found ourselves to be several miles North of our intended path. We re-figured the path to Allentown and continued the trip.

We talked to Allentown Approach, then Allentown Approach again, then Allentown Tower. We did a touch and go on Runway 24 and were headed back home.

We got off course again. It seems that my heading indicator had precessed and I forgot to reset it. Oops. Fixed that, but had a very tough time finding any landmarks to determine position until I came across a giant lake. A little while after that, I could see Morristown Airport and then Caldwell.

I’m glad I live in the times of GPS – that would have been much easier.

Plane: N272LP (C172)
From: CDW – ABE -
Duration: 1.6