First Passenger: Finding Bel-Air Minsk

I took my sister, Isabell, flying today. She was my first passenger! We headed North and were on a mission to find a little place we used to spend our summers as kids. It was called Bel-Air Minsk. Most of the buildings had been leveled since then and the property was sold off.

We headed up toward the Huguenot VOR. Once we passed it, we turned onto the 306 radial. I also tuned in Stillwater VOR for a 15 degree radial. I figured we’d be right over it at that intersection. It took a couple of turns, but we managed to spot it. Isabell took a few photos.

Mission accomplished. Time for lunch. We stopped at Greenwood Lake on the way back and ate at the restaurant there, which happens to have a scrap Lockheed Constellation built into the building.

We headed back to Caldwell and wrapped up our Sunday journey.

Lancaster, PA as a Safety Pilot

I headed over to Lancaster with Barnet today. He wanted to practice some instrument approaches, so I acted as a safety pilot while he was under his makeshift ‘view limiting device’ – a folded chart, which actually worked quite well. I flew over there and handed over the controls after Barnet had put on his oh so fashionable chart. He did two RNAV approaches, one missed and one landing. Then we had some lunch.

We had some spark-plug fouling we had to deal with before leaving. Then headed home through the Class B and Barnet did another instrument approach into Caldwell. Fun day! ..and now that I have my license, I’m not just extra weight in the right seat ;)

From the Right Seat Now…

I still haven’t taken my first passenger. We had planned a trip, but it was too windy. That’s coming soon.

I called up Tom today because I’ve wanted to practice from the right seat. Yes, I know my training is over, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a whole lot of new things to do. So we did it.

It’s weird, but not bad after a while. All of the instrument are way over to the left and the parallax makes everything not quite centered. I was using my right hand on the yoke, another thing to get used to. It worked out, though. I did several landing at Caldwell and then headed over to Andover. I’ve never landed at Andover, so I wanted to try it.

The approaches were a little off to one side or the other, but the landings were not bad. I’d be comfortable flying from the right, although the left side is just so much easier.

Plane: N677DM (C172)
From: CDW – 12N -
Duration: 1.3