Passing G1000 Ground School

So I’ve been studying up on the G1000 so I can fly the club’s G1000 equipped 172. I bought both the Sporty’s G1000 Checkout course and ASA’s “The Complete G1000 Course” – both are DVDs for home study. The ASA course has a test component (required for insurance purposes), which I just passed tonight.. woot!

The G1000 clearly has a lot of benefits – integrated instruments, a giant moving map, alerting system – but I’m curious to see how it’ll be adapting to it after a year of flying a steam-guage 172. I don’t imagine it’ll be too difficult, but switching between the two might be interesting (not too interesting I hope!)

Now I just have to do a couple of flights in the club’s G1000 and I’ll be good to go.