Flying in Actual IMC

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The weather cooperated this time – it was overcast and perfect for practicing instrument flying. Tom and I went up to Orange County again and did the same approach as yesterday. Today was a lot better. I held altitude and heading a lot better and was able to stay well centered on the ILS approach into MGJ.

During the flight, I managed to devote some attention to looking at the approach plates, although Tom was still handling the navigation and communication.

Coming into Caldwell, we did the Localizer 22 approach, but had to circle to land on Runway 4.

Today’s treat is a video we shot with a GoPro. I made it into a time lapse and you can see at one point we were between two layers of clouds. Awesome scenery on these flights!

Ground Track KCDW->KMGJ
Ground Track KMGJ->KCDW

Logbook Entry N8350R (PA28)

Flight Details




Instrument Details


Additional Notes

ILS 3 MGJ, LOC 22 Circle to 4 CDW, Climbing and Descending Turns, Vectoring, Clearance