More Actual IMC and a New Approach

The nice thing about having to file an instrument flight plan is that you can check out the radar tracks afterwards. Here are the tracks from today’s flight to Stewart and back to Caldwell.

Tom started increasing my workload to identify navigation aids, frequencies and altitudes on the approach. It seems much less hectic than that first flight, but eventually I’ll have to do all the navigation tuning and communicating, too.

The highlight of the trip was when on our way back we heard a some communication between ATC and another pilot:

ATC: “[Call sign], you have a guy sort of orbiting in your airspace; he’s just all over the place.”

Pilot: “OK, we’ll look all over the place!”

We just burst out laughing. Oh, pilot humor.

Ground Track KCDW->KSWF
Ground Track KSFW->KCDW

Logbook Entry N8350R (PA28)

Flight Details




Instrument Details


Additional Notes

ILS 27 SWF, LOC 22 CDW, Climbing and Descending Turns, Copy Clearance