Adding Workload: Communications

Wow.. another flight in Actual IMC. It was even raining!

Today’s flight added some extra workload to the mix. I did most of the radio talk today while also focusing on keeping the airplane right side up. It added complexity but wasn’t terribly difficult until I was caught off-guard when ATC said something like: Cherokee 8-3-5-0-Romeo turn right heading 2-2-0 cleared ILS 2-7 descend and maintain two thousand until established. Sheesh. I asked Tom to answer him.. I’ll be ready next time.

The landing at Stewart was extremely smooth and maybe even rivaled my engine-out night landing. I think Tom got a kick out of that. The landing back at Caldwell was pretty good, too! I think I’m getting a handle on this low-wing.

Mistakes were made, though. On the way out of Stewart, I rushed to write the clearance back to Caldwell as I was taking off. As a result, I didn’t turn to the Huguenot VOR upon reaching 2,000 ft. Instead, I flew the runway heading until about 4,000 ft when ATC asked about that turn. Oops. I also forgot to tune in the Localizer 22 at Caldwell on the way back. You’ll see on the ground track that I blew through the localizer and then turned back. I didn’t realize that was my job now too! Thanks Tom.

I like that I’m getting to start my training in a lot of IMC because when you’re in IMC, precision matters. It motivates you to focus on your heading and your altitude. I hope I don’t slack of on that when I get some VFR weather.

Ground Track KCDW->KSWF
Ground Track KSFW->KCDW

Logbook Entry N8350R (PA28)

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Additional Notes

ILS 27 SWF, LOC 22 CDW, Copy Clearance, Flight and ATC Communications