Night IFR in Actual IMC

This has been a great week for instrument training. We kicked it up a notch with a night flight tonight. Not very much is different except for the cockpit being dark and the runway lights shining once you get out of the clouds. It looks awesome, though. Here are some photos:

I getting more comfortable doing the approaches, identifying the plates and navigation aids. I need to start thinking ahead more to setup the radios and navigation equipment before I need it. I forgot to put in the ILS frequency for Orange County. Tom reminded me as we were crossing the centerline.

On the way back to Caldwell, we hit some isolated precipitation. There was some turbulence and we shot up 200ft. It was a lot harder to stay on heading and altitude, but we soon got our descent instructions and started preparing for the localizer.

Ground Track KCDW->KMGJ
Ground Track KMGJ->KCDW

Logbook Entry N8350R (PA28)

Flight Details




Instrument Details


Additional Notes

ILS 3 MGJ, LOC 22 CDW, Copy Clearance, Comms, Climbing and Descending Turns, Track, Intercept