Hold on

Today’s lesson was all about holds. We reviewed the various entry procedures (direct, tear drop and parallel) and then went out to practice!

I need to build some cross country time, so we plan a trip up to Sullivan County Airport and did a bunch of holds at the Huguenot VOR. As I was completing my first hold, ATC tells us that there’s another plane also heading for Huguenot. We had to turn left to avoid it and it screwed up my hold! Aw man! That gave us a chance to turn around and do a tear drop entry into the hold. From there, we flew the VOR/DME 33 approach into Sullivan.

After a landing at Sullivan, we practiced some more holds. I had a lot of trouble holding altitude in all of this. I’m not so used to this Piper Cherokee, so I tend to pull the power back too much. Apparently, it needs to stay up at 2400 or 2500 rpm.

We did something new on the way back and did the RNAV 10 approach into Caldwell. Runway 10! Who uses runway 10 ever!? Actually, I think this was only my second time ever landing on Runway 10. The annoying part about Runway 10 is that it has a tall tree right at the end of the runway that actually blocks the runway numbers. But, the approach gave me a chance to practice another hold. This time it was around a GPS fix, rather than a VOR.

Logbook Entry N8350R (PA28)

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Additional Notes

VOR/DME 33 MSV, RNAV 10 CDW, Hold Entries, Unusual Attitude Recovery, Holding, Course Reversal