Some Approaches

Fischer Aviation Flight Simulator


I’ve been away from my instrument training for a little while now. Bad Will. I decided to go into the school and do a little refresher work on the simulator.

Working with Tom, we did two localizer RWY 22 approaches into CDW and an ILS into NYC’s JFK. Oh, and then I had to mess around and try out the Cirrus Jet (pictured above).

The first localizer approach was pretty bad. I hadn’t reviewed the plate closely, there were too many things to look at and I let my heading slip so far off course that I had to do a missed approach and a procedure turn back for a second try. The next one went a lot better and I was able to land. It’s (almost) like riding a bike. …almost, but I wouldn’t recommend testing that.

The ILS approach went ok, too, especially with Tom stressing to use power for altitude and pitch for airspeed.