I’ve wanted to fly since I was 14. I’ve flown on commercial airlines many times and I had started becoming interested in General Aviation (GA). I love the freedom of flight, the ability to move in three dimensions, to see big cities turn into insignificant specks, and to go farther faster bridging vast distances as if they were nothing. I also love gadgetry and aviation has quite a bit of it. I enjoy the mechanics and physics of flight and the skill involved.

I’m William Wnekowicz and am writing this blog as an online pilot’s log to chronicle my journey through flight training and beyond. I’m 23 at the start of these posts. I had taken my first GA flight about 1.5 years ago in a glider and over the last year I’ve been going on trips in a Cessna 172 with a friend. It’s time to start my training and I look forward to sharing what I’m learning and the process I’m going through. My goal is to get my Private Pilot’s Certificate by the end of 2010.

I’ve gotten my Private Pilot’s Certificate!