Back into Flying

After taking a two month hiatus from flying due to high school I was finally back into the it. Being the aspiring aviator that I am, all I wanted to do was to fly, but school came first, and I needed to focus on finishing my final exams so that I could focus on flying over the summer. As I was preflighting, the smell of avgas came back to me. The smell that always reminded me of soy sauce floated through the air as we refueled the aircraft. When my CFI told me to make the call to the tower, I was nervous, but I tried it anyway. As I made the call, I messed up the wordings, but the ATC was nice about it, and let me finish. We took-off, and I remember noting how different it was to see the green grass rather than the white snow that I was accustomed to. We reviewed slow-flight and steep-turns, and than my CFI said the word that scared me most about flying, “Stalls”. He showed me the way to do them, and how to break the natural instinct to recover, and recover the right way. I was really scared the first time, but when I did them on my own, they were really fun, and I wanted to do more. As we turned around to head back, my CFI suddenly pulled the throttle and told me that we were going to do a simulated emergency procedure. We went over the ABC checklist as we glided above the onion fields.

A- airspeed
B- best landing spot

We completed that and headed back to Caldwell to our landing after completing a successful flight.