Flying with CFI Dave like a Champ

On this flight, I flew with Dave like a champ because Tomaharu was away. It had been a month since I was in the air because of scheduling conflicts between Tomaharu and me. The first thing that I noticed was that the teaching styles of the two were different. Tomaharu was much more relaxed while Dave kept asking questions. My normal preflight went fine, even though one of the fuel gauges was off. Through a different set of eyes, I learned that I was taxiing to fast, as it should be at the pace of a fast walk, and that was immediately fixed. As we took off, I learned to climb out at 80 kts so that in the case of an emergency, we would have more altitude to work with. Dave kept asking me questions to ensure that my knowledge was up to standard. I was nervous at first, but as time progressed I became more confident and answered the questions more. We practiced slow flight where I had a little trouble maintaining altitude and learned that I need to be more aggressive with the power in order to make corrections. Otherwise, my slow flight worked well. There was a problem with the flaps that they would return to 10 degrees after we put them down all the way, but that only happened once. We then flew the pattern at Greenwood Lake. I learned that making shallow turns is key and that I don’t have to turn to my downwind right away, only when I have reached the right separation between me and the airport. Lastly, I learned that nailing my airspeeds was the key to good landings. I want to be at 80 kts on my downwind turn, 70 kts on my crosswind turn, and 65 kts on my final. If it is windy, 70 kts is fine, but I should never go under 60 kts. I learned that I should fly the airplane normally and allow the speeds reach where they are since the wind has an effect on them, and they will gradually go where they need to go. We did a couple landings, and they continually got better. After that, we turned back to CDW and landed and Dave gave me my last pointers. Power is altitude and pitch is airspeed, and that I want to be like a glider, right before I touch down.