Perfecting Landings

After my two month hiatus due to school work, I returned to flying. We worked on landings out of Caldwell and they were a lot of fun. I learned how to practice using the radios and how the big dial is for the big numbers and the little dial is for the little numbers. It was cool to actually be able to tune my own radios and I was in charge of the radios for the entire flight. It was weird that when we taxied to Runway 4, we had to turn left instead of right which I was used too, which forced me to be more vigilant on the radios. I think that the pattern procedure was much easier this flight. We took off, climbed at 80 to 800, turned left, got to 1200, turned left, did our prelanding checklist. At midfield, we radioed the tower for landing clearance. Then at the numbers,  we slowed to 1700 rpm maintained level flight to get into the white arc, added 10 degrees of flaps and turned left. After stabilizing our course, we went to 20 degrees and turned final. On final, we dumped the flaps and flew the airplane at 65 to the runway. Two things that I need to remember for next time are: let the plane naturally sink before flaring and just listen to the controllers.