Final Review

On this flight, we did a final review of everything that I have learned since I am doing my pre-solo stage check for my next flight. We took off and I immediately felt the force of the wind rock the aircraft back and forth. I learned that if you let the aircraft just fly and try not to overcorrect the wind, there will be a much smoother flight. When we practiced steep turns, I needed to remember that I should bug a spot on my compass so that I know where I have finished my 360. I lost altitude on the second turn and immediately pulled on the stick to regain altitude, but I should have gradually¬†ascended since I was still conforming with the PTS. Next, we did the slow flight with no issues and a power off stall that was done well. I need to remember to actually stall the plane on a power on stall because I tend to think that when the nose is all the way up, it’s a stall, but you need to feel the sink in the¬†stall so that you actually stall the plane. On landings, I was able to correct everything and make smooth landings, I just need to remember to not shove the throttle all the way in as to save the engine. I made smooth landings and am looking forward to my stage check.