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The Fall of 1947, Ron Reinartz arrived in Cleveland, Ohio and was raised, educated , married and settled down there, after serving “Uncle Sam”. Aviation was a part of Ron’s life from the time he was 5, when his interest in airplanes was fueled by watching DC-7s, Vickers Vicounts’ and other air transports takeoff and land at Cleveland Hopkins Airport. His uncle had been a Navigator/Bombardier on a B-29 that was lost in the Pacific during WWII. The portrait of his uncle and his B-29crew are the centerpiece of his family room today.

Ron learned to fly in High School, and had exposure to rotary wing aircraft in the military. Once married, life took place, and many years passed before Ron moved to New Jersey, for the second time, returning to work in New York City. This was part of a 45 year career in the Commercial Insurance Industry that had Ron living all over the USA.  Now, he had a wife, two sons and was part of a Management Team that would help him curtail lengthy travel and free up some time to focus on Aviation.

In 1983, now settled in the new job, Ron sought his licenses and ratings. Between 1983 and 1996, Ron became a Private and then Commercial Pilot with an Instrument rating. In addition, Ron secured an Advanced Ground Instructor, Certified Flight Instructor and Instrument Instructor Ratings, while a rental pilot at MacDan Aviation.

Since that time, he has worked as a part-time CFI & CFII at Mac Dan, RGI and freelanced in the Northern New Jersey area.

Ron is a partner in a 1974 Beechcraft Bonanza (A-36) and is a formation pilot with the NEBG pilots. He has visited Airventure in Oshkosh, WI on numerous occasions and has been a Flight Leader in the B2OSH event that flies in mass formation from Rockford, IL to Oshkosh, WI on the Saturday prior to Airventure opening day. He has flown most of the Cessna and Piper Models, except the multi-engine and jet aircraft. He has also flown many homebuilt aircraft and acts as an EAA flight advisor when called upon. Ron has been a member of the National Flight Instructors Association since 1993 and enjoys all aspects of Aviation. He has recently retired from the Insurance Industry and is pursuing his role as a flight instructor on a modified fulltime basis.


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