To anyone that doesn’t fly, making the plane stall on purpose seems a bit extreme. And to be perfectly honest, even with me having a few screws loose myself, it seemed a little over the top!

But let’s face it, learning this part of flying is paramount to being a safe pilot. And once we did it a few times it felt normal and something I understand.

So, we flew up to about 2500 feet, leveled off, cut power to 1700, flaps 10 and pitched for 80, just like we do for a landong, then flaps 20, flaps 30 and then throttle to idle and pulled all the way back on the yoke and forced the plane into a stall. I know, it sounds nuts but it was actually quite easy to fix.

First thing after the stall was to put power all the way back and level the plane. Then when slowly brought the flaps back in sections (I went from 30 straight to 0 once and got my head cut off) and got the plane rising again. Did it a bunch of times and now it seems like I got it.  We also practiced full throttle stalls a few times. These were a little more complicated but also pretty standard. I’m sure we will practice some more, but for now I’m getting it.





A little better

Not great yet. But much better. We worked on landings again yesterday and I walked away feeling like I made improvement.

I still am struggling to make a smooth touchdown. Either I hit the ground to hard or too soft. I am so I’ll having a difficult time finding the sweet spot in between. I know I have to pull back more on the yoke than I am doing now. That’s going to be my focus until I get there.

Its not all bad. I managed to go into my turns much better and I held my altitude correctly throughout the turns. I also had the throttle rpms and airspeed much closer to where they should be. The other day I was hundreds of feet off and either to fast or to slow.

So while I am not there yet, I felt like I made a lot of improvement. Hopefully I can do even better this afternoon.  Please rain… Hold off!



I’ve always felt when you want to reach a goal, you have to overcome obstacles. Flying seems no different. So, there are good days as well as challenging  days. Yesterday was definitely a challenging day!

We spent the whole day working on landings. A few days ago we did the same thing and I felt like I was getting it. Fast forward a few days and I obviously do not.

In all fairness it was a bit windy which caused a lot of my issues. That being said I did a few things wrong which had nothing to do with the wind.

First, I need to maintain my altitude and my air speed better. I keep coming out of turns 200 feet higher than when I started the move. Also, I have to be more aware of the throttle power and air speed. Both of these issues are causing me not to be on the line when making my final approach.

So if I am going to grow and keep getting better I need to take days like these and learn from them. I think i am doing that so far!









Today we worked only on take offs and landings.  when I started learning how to fly back in March, landing an airplane seemed a lifetime away. Now, three months later, pitching for airspeed, lowering flaps, keeping the nose up,  are all terms that actually make sense.

Now that I have done it a few times, I need to work on a few things. First, every time I let the flaps down the plane wants to go up. That seems like something I will get right next time. My biggest issue is definitely finding the correct spot to raise up the nose at landing without getting it back up in the air so I bounce off the runway. There is defintitely a specific spot and I have to tweek it.

Today was fun. I look forward to every lesson as I am really embracing flying. Some lessons are challenging, some harder than others… Today was exciting and a lot of fun!





Gripping too hard

I’m getting better at keeping the airplane level and controlling altitude and speed. I keep coming back to realizing my grip is too hard. It’s like any other sport or hobby I’ve tried on my life. Grip needs to be relaxed and free to move. It’s like in golf… the club has to be loose but controlled in your hand so you can swing through your shot. Seems like its the same with flying except I keep coming back to the fact… I am gripping the yoke too tight! So, now that I’m aware of it, what am I going to do to fix it? First, I am keelinh my thumb out of the grip so I can’t squeeze it. I am also keeping the inside of my fingers facing me and trying to keep them relaxed. Im learning more each day and getting better one lesson a a time

Hazy and Windy

Just finished up and writing this while still fresh in my memory. Was going to work on actual landings for the first time but it was way too windy. Tom mentioned crab landings in the wind which is not for a first timer.

So we spent the lesson working on turns and keeping altitude in the turns. I need to dial that in better. I’m making good turns but coming out of them in a 300 feet higher or lower than before I started the turn.

It it was a real hot and very hazy day so visibility was not good making it harder to read the horizon. So I had to depend more on reading the instruments to stay level than I normally would.

Everything new seems overwhelming . But I keep saying that what seemed overwhelming last month is not this month. All part of the learning process I guess!

Little changes

Make small changes in a plane. I keep hearing that in almost every aspect. And I understand it. Now comes the part of executing it. Obviously it’s easier to say it than to do it.  But I’m working on it! Spent more time in the simulator working on landing. Getting better and lwas bounce. Other than a few smashed birds I’m doing good in there. Flew Sunday afternoon and worked on 45 degree full turns and stalls. Learning more and more with each lesson and can’t wait for the next one. This is fun! Small changes!

Starting to “get it”

I am starting to finally understand this. I have had about a dozen lessons so far. Until now everything has seemed so overwhelming! Even though I have really enjoyed the first few sessions, I always went home feeling like I’m not picking it all up. Well, something clicked this week, and now it’s really getting exciting. Spending time in the simulator is giving me the confidence and understanding to help me get better. It’s starting to make sense…Looking forward to my next session!

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