I’ve always felt when you want to reach a goal, you have to overcome obstacles. Flying seems no different. So, there are good days as well as challenging ┬ádays. Yesterday was definitely a challenging day!

We spent the whole day working on landings. A few days ago we did the same thing and I felt like I was getting it. Fast forward a few days and I obviously do not.

In all fairness it was a bit windy which caused a lot of my issues. That being said I did a few things wrong which had nothing to do with the wind.

First, I need to maintain my altitude and my air speed better. I keep coming out of turns 200 feet higher than when I started the move. Also, I have to be more aware of the throttle power and air speed. Both of these issues are causing me not to be on the line when making my final approach.

So if I am going to grow and keep getting better I need to take days like these and learn from them. I think i am doing that so far!