To anyone that doesn’t fly, making the plane stall on purpose seems a bit extreme. And to be perfectly honest, even with me having a few screws loose myself, it seemed a little over the top!

But let’s face it, learning this part of flying is paramount to being a safe pilot. And once we did it a few times it felt normal and something I understand.

So, we flew up to about 2500 feet, leveled off, cut power to 1700, flaps 10 and pitched for 80, just like we do for a landong, then flaps 20, flaps 30 and then throttle to idle and pulled all the way back on the yoke and forced the plane into a stall. I know, it sounds nuts but it was actually quite easy to fix.

First thing after the stall was to put power all the way back and level the plane. Then when slowly brought the flaps back in sections (I went from 30 straight to 0 once and got my head cut off) and got the plane rising again. Did it a bunch of times and now it seems like I got it. ¬†We also practiced full throttle stalls a few times. These were a little more complicated but also pretty standard. I’m sure we will practice some more, but for now I’m getting it.