who said women are great at multitasking?

Wearing special glasses that partially blocks your view to practice instrument flying will thankfully never become a fashion statement! Tom also saved me from further embarrassment by thankfully not taking any yucky pictures of me wearing them. In any case it was a great lesson and we flew up to Resnik. Tom taught me how to put the plane in a circle so that we were handsfree and could focus on reading maps and working the OBS and Navigation aids to find where you are. It was hard work making sure that the plane was still flying, figuring out the maps, and understsnding the nav aids on the instrument panel. Tom is the most patient person ever!

 I also learned to use the gps approach to fly back to Caldwell. Fischer Aviation is also great because they have a simulator and I did practice what I learned on the simulator on Saturday. We ended the session with Tom simulating a bird strike. Nice!