“Your feet should be as Live as a worm on the hook!”

“Your feet should be as live as a worm on the hook!” — CFI Dave Pavoni.

Today is a very windy/cross wind session. During practicing, I remembered the above quote from Dave when I practiced landing with him. This was his way of saying rudder as much and as often as you need. And today I felt his words again with our strong cross wind 32015G19.


  • Rudder as you need, not as you want.
  • Hold or even increase aileron pressure after touch down.

When in final, there were times I had to push full left rudder to correct for the right cross wind. However, I left that rudder in the whole time while I needed to release some of the pressure so that we were heading at the right direction. After Bob illustrated, I had one landing but released too much and had a little bit side load. But I got the idea quickly and was able to dace with my rudders so that I would have left or right rudder with correct amount.

The second thing with today’s cross wind session I learned was that I have to keep the aileron pressure into the wind even after touch down. With this practice, it became much easier to keep directional control on the runway, and the take off after touch down got much better.

I have one thing to watch out for which is on downwind crab angle. I let it slip away from me a few times and I got too far from the runway. I need to pick a point and fly towards it.

We  will do all these again tomorrow.