Crosswind Landing at Caldwell


  • Too early base turn resulted in too high approach;
  • Look down the runway to know if you have the right rudder pressure;
  • Got look out for not drifting away from runway on downwind.

When I woke up today I saw a blue sky, immediately I know the wind will be up coz we had no cover from the sun. Weird enough, the ATIS said wind 330 at 7, which clearly was not accurate since we could feel there were definitely gusts. During pre-flight I saw many airplanes in the pattern, but they were using runway 28. I thought well maybe today we will practice on 28, but Bob was thinking we should do 22 and practice crosswind, which turned out to be the right thing to practice.

It was very challenging with a direct cross wind, and at the same time Bob wanted me to try using crab method. Turned out the first couple of landings were less than a stellar. The second one was probably the worst, with a little side-load going down the runway. The problem was initially holding too much rudder, but as Bob instructed I had too much left rudder, I ended up releasing too much, result was my nose going to the other direction, and downwind wheel touched first. To correct for this, in my next few runs I looked ahead at the end of the runway, and adjusting my rudder left and right. After touchdown, full rudder into the wind, and it was so smooth. Maybe I was lucky that there were no gusts, but the fact was the next landing was the best crosswind landing I had done.

There was another time, I came in very high. I think it was because I turned base too early, plus the tail wind on base, we had very little descend on that leg. Dave saw this landing I did and asked me if we were simulating engine failure, and I admitted that I came in high.

After these landings we decided to do our last full stop on 28. Even though Bob tried to warn me that after we came off the hills we would drop very rapidly, I was still surprised how fast we got down after we crossed the road next to the airport. In an effort not to land on the threshold, I added some power before touchdown, and that resulted into a hard landing as I pulled off power too quick in the recovery. But after all, this was a good session.

Logbook Entry N811JD (C172)

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