Quick flight to Morristown with Taxi Backs


  • Soft field landing needs further practice;
  • Ground effect recognition is not perfect;
  • Radio communication needs to be improved – calm down.

After getting stuck at rental car counter, I arrived late for my training. So we decided to do a quick flight over to Morristown for some soft field landing and take offs. It was actually my idea since I think I need to practice in these areas.

The take off was as usual, Bob held off on the power to let me accelerate under ground effect. I still don’t quite get the hang of it, going up and down like roller coaster ride. My plane tries to climb up, so I had to hold it down, but it might be too much, and I’m not quite sure where is the happy medium.

I fumbled a few times with radio, like in one case, I reported to Morristown tower that we will be departing right downwind back to Caldwell, but in fact it should be left downwind.

The landings were just fine, I think two factors made today’s landings easy:

  1. Calm wind;
  2. Relaxed seat situation.

I used to sit all the way front, and I was nervous the whole time being so close to the controls, but today when I sit back two notches, I had better feelings of the controls, had a better side picture. Plus I am more confident now to get plane rolling. Bob did not touch the control at all when i was landing.

I came in high on rotation a few times, resulting not quite in ground effect yet, and so they weren’t quite a good soft field landing. The last time I did a good round out but the power added was not enough, so I touched down too early. I think it will be the practice throughout the training.