Second Run to Andover

Another hot day, density altitude high. We took off from runway 28 for Northwest departure, but climbing very slow. Usually, we’d reach 900 feet way before route-80, but we barely made to I-80 today. It could be because we had 10 degrees flap for soft-field take off, but still, high temperature affects the performance.

With VOR tracking, we reached Sparta station. I need to remember to first intersect the VOR line, then correct for the wind factor while following the straight line to or from the VOR.

While at Andover, I tend to cross the power line before turning base. Bob didn’t like that, because then I add an obstruction on my final. I tried to do this because I thought with a longer glide path I could have more control of my descend. But instead, I could have just expedited the descend on base and final.

First time, I bounced, and had to recover from it by adding a little power, and as I settled, I forgot to retract flaps immediately and ended up using the full length of runway. The second approach was low, I got too close to the kayakers. But with retracted flaps, I stopped in the middle of the runway.

Short on time, we headed back immediately to Caldwell. We watched a plane turning base as we got ready for departure. While crossing Booton reservoir Caldwell ATC asked us to turn right follow traffic. I wasn’t sure why they put us behind because I thought we were in front. Maybe because they were faster, but because they turned downwind too late we ended up getting close. I slowed down immediately and squared my base. On touch down, I tried to make a soft field landing but was unsuccessful. I will keep practicing.